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Most Expensive Stamps in the World
How To Find Valuable Stamps
The odds of finding an extremely valuable and unique stamp are probably as high as winning the first prize in a lottery. But there are certainly some strategies that can be applied in finding some interesting stamps at a very low cost.

1. Family
Think about your family. Grand-Ma, Grand-Pa, Uncles, Aunties. They all have old junk. Ask them kindly if you can go through the stuff they don't use anymore. Especially old letters and postcards may have interesting stamps.
2. 2nd Hand Markets
A lot of 2nd hand markets also sell old postcards and photos. Check them out. There might be a gem in there.
3. Put a little add in your paper or local trading post
Some people will give their stamps almost away for free and others have no idea and want $500 for a 50 Cent stamp. Bring one of the many catalogues with you.

1. Dealers
Only buy from licensed and genuine dealers. I recommend buying especially pricier stamps from a dealer. Private sales often can not guarantee authenticity and like any other valuables there are forgeries around.
2. Auctions
Make sure that you know what your maximum purchase price is before you attend the auction. If it is an online auction make sure it is a reputable online organization or dealer who facilitates it.
3. Private Sale
The best thing about private sales is that they are in general cheaper than buying from a dealer as a commission does not have to be paid.

There are many stamp catalogues and the prices are generally quite accurate. Bear in mind that these are only indications. Basically whatever someone is prepared to pay for a stamp is its current value.

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