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Most Expensive Stamps in the World
Investing In Stamps
Are stamps a good investment option? I always say that stamps are foremost a hobby. Stamps are exciting as they come from all over the world and without traveling you can actually get a feel for these foreign cultures. There are actually not that many really valuable stamps (see my first page). But if they are really valuable then they are an attractive investment and their value will increase each year comparable to stocks and real-estate. For the majority of stamps this is not the case. Even stamps that are 50-70 years old have little value. Simply too many have been printed on better quality paper (and therefore are better preserved). Unless you invest in unique and valuable stamps do not expect that your stamp collection over the last 20 years has made you a rich man or woman.

Make sure that your stamps are properly insured. Most general home and contents only cover stamps up to a certain amount. After that you may have to insure them separately. In most cases they will have to be valuated by a professional.
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