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Most Expensive Stamps in the World
The Most Expensive & Valuable Stamps
There are very few stamps that are worth over USD$ 0.5m. These stamps are generally very old and very rare. There are a number of factors that determine the value of any stamps. These are rarity (how many are left), print type (misprints, centering), irregular perforation, etc), age (when was it printed), used or unused (do they have a cancellation ink stamp yes or no), hinged or unhinged (i.e. have they been coiled on paper) and overall condition (face and coil damage). The following stamps are the ones always mentioned in books and websites. There are more very valuable stamps but these haven't been auctioned over the last 30 years so an accurate price assessment is hard.

Stamp Value
Sailing Ship British Guiana
One Cent Black Magenta - British Guyana - 1856
The British colony of Guiana ran out of stamps in 1856. Awaiting a new supply from London, the governor asked the local newspaper to print a batch of 1 cent and 4 cent stamps. The stamps were printed on a rough paper in an unusual rectangular shape. In 1973 a boy discovered this stamp in his attic. It was last sold to the Dupont family in 1980 for just under USD$ 1m.

Over USD$ 3m
Nr pressed: unknown
Nr in existence: 1
3 Skilling Sverige
Yellow - Sweden - 1885
A printing error resulted in one of the most expensive and unique stamps in the world. A 3 Skilling stamp normally printed on green paper was printed on yellow paper belonging to the 3 Skilling stamp. A schoolboy found this stamp in his grandfather's collection. There is only known to be one copy of this stamp in existence which sold for $USD 2.3m in 1996
Over USD$ 2.7m
Nr pressed: unknown
Nr in existence: 1
Post Office
1 and 2 Penny - Mauritius - 1847
The governor of the British colony in Mauritius hired a watchmaker to print the islands' first 2 stamps. The watchmaker produced 200 stamps of 1 penny and 200 stamps of 2 pennies. The governor later discovered that the watchmaker had made an error and printed 'Post Office' instead of 'Post Paid' on both types of stamps. Most of this initial print run had already been sold. In 1993 an envelope with both a 1 and 2 penny stamp sold for USD$ 3.8m
Over USD$ 2m
Nr pressed: 200
Nr in existence: 30
Benjamin Franklin Z Grill
1 Cent - USA - 1867
The 1 Cent stamp was fitted with an embossed Z. Reason was so that ink could be absorbed by the paper and thus deter people from trying to wash out cancellation ink stamped on the stamp. There are 2 known copies of this stamp. The last one sold in 1988 for USD$ 930.000.
Over USD$ 1.5m
Nr pressed: unknown
Nr in existence: 2
Hawaiian Missionaries
2,5 and 13 Cent - Hawaii - 1851
The stamps were initially used by missionaries to sent letters home. Most of these stamps have been lost because of the bad paper quality. The 2 Cent stamp is the rarest with 16 copies left in existence
Over USD$0.5m
Nr pressed: unknown
Nr in existence: 16
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